Quality assurance is an exact science.

Reproducible and reliable. Since 1986, we have proven this formula for achieving excellence. 



Quality Assurance =
Exacting Production Procedures +
Proven Performance Mix Designs +
Actualization and Attention via Skilled Personnel

*Based on 20+ years of experience, innovation, and leadership in our industry.

Real-Time Alerts

The Lauren Concrete Quality Monitoring System guarantees 100% quality via real-time text and email alerts that inform us if problems have occurred.

Benefits of Quality Monitoring

  • Identify over or under batch of materials
  • Comprehensive reporting and graphical analysis
  • Analyze customer, project, supplier, and tester info
  • Batch watcher alerts for out-of-tolerance loads
  • Mix submittal
  • Track and evaluate plant performance over time
  • Concrete strength predictions
  • Enter/modify test data
  • Retrieve data from multiple plants
  • Set and improve production benchmarks
  • Analyzes individual material weight by batch
  • Edit plant or mix target strength

Gps Asset Tracking

When a customer calls, wants to know where their concrete is, and how long it will be before it arrives, no problem. Our dispatchers can give you an exact location and up-to -the-minute ETA.

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